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"I help my clients relax, ground, and restore into their essence. Using sound creates a safe, healing, and rejeuvinating space to move purposefully into your power."

My Service

I specialize in individual and group sound experiences, using traditional Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, ocean drums, chimes, and vocal toning. Pairing these with focused intention and visualization facilitate the transition into states of relaxation, tranquility, and joy.

Through my work with sound, many of my clients also experience the release of less desirable states of consciousness.

Sessions can be held in person in my studio, online via Zoom, or I can bring the experience to you, so you get to choose the location of our session. Finding a quiet space in nature can provide a truly powerful experience. 

Find the session that is right for you! Choose from below, or plan something unique.
Contact Shannon for availability and options.

30 Minute Individual Sound Healing Session | $90
30 Minute Group Sound Healing Session
• 2-5 people | $60 pp
• 6-10 people | * $40 pp

1 Hour Individual Sound Healing Session | $150
1 Hour Group Sound Healing Session

 • 2-5 people | $80 pp 

 • 6-10 people | * $60 pp

* Flat rates available with prior arrangement


My Journey

My journey to sound healing has been a very interesting one to say the least. In this life I have explored many passions, from art and design to flying planes. I've worked teaching first-responders how to assist people during intense crisis, and I've helped organize a cities response to a global pandemic. These experiences of trauma left me feeling drained and in need of restoration. I found my restoration through sound healing, and now I find my purpose working to bring restoration to others.

My name is Shannon Bond, and this is Pacific Sky Sounds.

Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Healing can be found in countless experiences, from the caring embrace of a loved-one to witnessing the sunrise from wherever we call "home".

Listening to music can be quite healing for many, whether that be alone in the dark with tears streaming forth, or in the midst of a crowd of thousands during a concert. Sound can heal when
it's allowed to.

When we set a clear intention, we can transport ourselves to worlds of peace and tranquility. We can transmute pain, trauma, grief, and anger into love.


Have you ever been to a concert or performance that radically changed the way you felt about life, love, or the nature of your Spiritual beliefs?

What does it feel like to sing or even just hum along to your favorite song? 
Does your mood influence the type of music you listen to?

Fundamentally, everything is vibration. Your mood is a vibration. The things that bother you, make you scream, and make you sick are vibrations. The things that elevate you, inspire you and bring you tears of joy are vibrations.



With Sound Healing, we seek to find those "vibrations" that aren't working so well for you and influence them to your benefit. More importantly, we seek to find those that are working well
for you so that we can strengthen them, feed them, and make them shine brighter.


How do I do this for you? Well to be clear, we do it for ourselves. As a Sound Healer, my job is to facilitate this process for you. With the help of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, ocean drums, and vocal toning, I assist you in placing your focus on an intention. This intention is key to your "healing". Without a clear intention in place, the experience can still be relaxing, rejuvenating, clarifying, or even transformative, but it is within our focused intention where the real work is done. 

I am honored to work with clients seeking transformative moments in sound, and I look forward
to our time together.


Until Soon,

Shannon Bond

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